Taleflick selects us!

Since this is an international contest, I’m writing this post both in Spanish and English, so that I can reach all of you.

First of all: What is Taleflick? Taleflick is a platform designed to connect writers with studios and producers. It doesn’t matter if the book has been published by a mark or self-published.

The thing is that I left the book there with not expectations, but the team read my novel and it got a great assessment and now it is on catalog in the platform. Thanks to it, I got accepted  in a contest where the public is the one to choose the book that you want to see in the big screen.

I can’t tell the reason I left my book on the platform. I guess a writer who is starting just looks for every oportunity to promote her job.

I am not here to ask you for your vote, the reason I am here is for everyone who loved this story and its characters (like I do) to have a chance to know that everything is possible.
During the next days, I will leave you the link.

For those of you who don’t know what “Void in the nest” is about, here’s a brief summary:

The story talks about the experiences of Alexia, a young seventeen year old girl who loves the music. She has to move from the capital to a coastal town called Agripa due to family reasons. Her life in Agripa becomes a nightmare, until she disappears. Her brother, Santi, makes everyhing he can to follow her track and find out what happened to his sister.

The plot happens in Agripa. A small village where the secrets abound. From Alexía’s disappearance, an unsolved old crime is uncovered.

There are two temporal lines: the past to meet Alexia; and the present where Santi will carry out a hard investigation.

What can we find?

We can find different types of characters to love and to hate. You will become detectives and judges in a story loaded with drama and suspense. Also, we talk about current topics that I will always stand up for like bullying, feminism, the visibility of the LGBT community, and the how damaging labels can be in a extremely complicated age like adolescence.

If you have any doubts, please don’t forget to leave your comments. Also I want to encourage you to read the reviews about the novel posted on the Web. Some of them you can find them in different posts of this page.


Hello everyone,

I feel so grateful that I can say hi to all of you and introduce myself a little better. I apologize for my poor accent, but I just didn’t want that to keep me from being with you all.

My name is Julia Caso, I’m the spanish author of the Void in the nest novel, one of the selected books for the Taleflick Discovery contest.

Void in the nest was born with the idea of breaking some tabus and supporting causes such as school bullying victims , homosexuality, feminism and the burden that labels are through adolescence. To talk about all of this, Alexia’s story came to my mind, and I suddenly found myself developing a plot that talked not only about drama, but also about suspense and romanticism.

A whole world, Argipa, had a life of its own, with a lot of characters to love and hate. Nothing is black or white, nobody is perfect.

Thus the reader becomes detective and judge once our main character disappears. You will get to be into her brother’s shoes to investigate what happened to Alexia, and make your own conclusions about each suspect and character.

I’m leaving some links for you here, so that you can see the booktrailer and a demo of a song that was born brom the book. You can also find a lot more content in spanish on the official website, anyway I’ll try to upload some more content in english, so that I can be close to all of you.

Thank you a lot for being here,



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